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KITACO WPC Clutch Center Spring Address V125/Address V125S etc. 307-2416340

KITACO WPC Clutch Center Spring Address V125/Address V125S etc. 307-2416340

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Condition: New

Compatible models Address V125S/Address V125SS: All CF4MA models | Address V125/Address V125G: All CF46A models, all CF4EA models Free length: 107 mm Outer diameter: 56.8 mm Load when used: 355 N Special product that is resistant to heat sag and exhibits high durability Surface treatment & WPC specifications

The WPC clutch center spring strengthens the spring to encourage the pulley to shift in the torque band, quickly and forcibly shifting the pulley, which was previously in a high ratio state, from deceleration to sudden acceleration, or on slopes, to a low ratio. , and you can get crisp shifting characteristics. In addition, by applying a composite treatment that includes WPC to the surface, it exhibits stable performance even when used for long periods of time at high temperatures. The WPC clutch center spring is a setting part just like weight rollers, etc., so the best spring strength will vary depending on the driver's weight, how much the machine is used, and even riding characteristics preferences. Even if only the center spring is installed, it will interfere with gear shifting and may result in a reduction in top speed. Caution (Disclaimer) > Please read 4990852077205 Compatibility ・Address V125S (CF4MA) ・Address V125/-G (CF46A/CF4EA) PBSU001 pbxtrs Kitaco∇20100818-1307-2416340

Manufacturer: ‎ KITACO
Model name: 307-2416340
Package size: 19.3 x 6.7 x 6.5 cm; 116 g
Product model number: 307- 2416340
Product weight: ‎116 g
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