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Kijima Motorcycle Bike Parts Tail Lamp 27 Round Z9-13-001

Kijima Motorcycle Bike Parts Tail Lamp 27 Round Z9-13-001

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Condition: New

G18:12V18/5W with aluminum plate Position: Rear 27 tail lamp Weight: 166 g

●27 tail lamp. *Repair lenses not available ●27 rounds G18:12V23/8W Precautions for use ●Compatibility and product information are current as of September 2014. Please check the manufacturer catalog or manufacturer homepage for the latest information. ( ● Items with a front projected area of ​​less than 20 square centimeters do not meet safety standards and cannot be used alone. Please use it as an auxiliary brake light. Also, you will definitely need a red reflector on the rear side. Note (Disclaimer) > Please read carefully *The published photos may differ from the actual product due to changes in manufacturer specifications, etc. Please note. Read more

Manufacturer: ‎Kijima
Brand: ‎Kijima
Model name: ‎Z9-13-001
Package size: ‎22.6 x 15.9 x 6.6 cm; 166 g
Product model number: ‎Z9-13-001
Product weight: ‎166 g
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