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Kijima Bike Parts Riser Stacker Black FXSB HD-04276

Kijima Bike Parts Riser Stacker Black FXSB HD-04276

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Condition: New

Size: Height 17mm / Fuselage outer diameter φ44.5 (maximum) / φ40 (minimum) Aluminum billet Color: Black

●This is a riser stacker that is ideal for fat risers of FXSB and FXDL series after 06Y. Just stack it under the genuine riser to get your desired position and dramatically change the appearance. ●It is necessary to change the riser bolt depending on the number of stacked items. Recommended bolts 1 on each side: HVT2130-4 2 on each side: HD-04277 3 on each side: HD-04278 (If the bolt is too long in combination with the riser you are using, please adjust it with a spacer etc.) Product size Height: 17mm Body outside diameter: φ44.5 (maximum) / φ40 (minimum) Precautions for use ●Compatibility and product information are current as of September 2014. Please check the manufacturer catalog or manufacturer homepage for the latest information. (

Manufacturer: ‎Kijima
Brand: ‎Kijima
Model name: ‎HD -04276
Package size: ‎20.8 x 8.8 x 4.6 cm; 58 g
Product model number: ‎HD-04276
Product weight: ‎58 g
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