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Kijima Motorcycle Bike Parts Turn Signal Lamp Arrow Type Black LED12V1W Set of 2 219-5138

Kijima Motorcycle Bike Parts Turn Signal Lamp Arrow Type Black LED12V1W Set of 2 219-5138

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Set of 2 Mounting screw diameter: 10mm Body size: 50 x 28 x 42 mm

●LED turn signal lamp arrow type. ●Mounting screw diameter 10mm. Body size: 50x28x42 (mm) Precautions for use ●When installing the KIJIMA LED turn signal, please use a separate KIJIMA IC turn signal relay (set of 4 is included). ●If the indicator for the turn signal is a single light type and is a filament bulb type, the indicator cannot be used because the left and right lights will flash at the same time. Please pull out the valve or disconnect the wiring. When using an indicator, please use the separately sold indicator connection KIT (304-0521¥2625). (However, if you are using a vehicle with a two-light indicator (separate left and right circuits) or an LED indicator, you can use it as is.) ●For use with AC vehicles such as Honda APE, use an IC relay or other An AC/DC conversion adapter (all turn signals must be LED) is also required. ●It does not support the genuine position function. Please use our position kit in a separate circuit. ●Please install the front turn signals symmetrically so that the center distance is 250 mm or more, and the rear turn signals are 150 mm or more from the center. In addition, the lens color should be orange, the area should be at least 7cm2, and the number of flashes should be at least 60 times and no more than 120 times per minute. ●Product information such as compatibility and specifications is current as of February 2012. For further information, please check the manufacturer's catalog, manufacturer's website, etc. (

Manufacturer: ‎Kijima
Brand: ‎Kijima
Package size: ‎12.6 x 7.6 x 5.9 cm; 114 g
Product model number: ‎219-5138
Product weight: ‎114 g
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