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Kashimura Automatic head up when engine is turned on! Wireless charging & electric holder NKW-35

Kashimura Automatic head up when engine is turned on! Wireless charging & electric holder NKW-35

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Equipped with a head-up mechanism that is linked to engine ON/OFF, and the angle can be adjusted manually. QI coil detection sensor, can automatically hold your smartphone when you put it down.Charge while holding a QI compatible smartphone/iPhone.Charge up to 10W in fast charging mode.The arm opens and closes electrically even when the engine is off, compared to lithium batteries. Built-in capacitor that is safe and resistant to high temperatures inside the car.Can be held securely and charged even when a notebook type or hard case is attached.

4 safe and secure designs, overheat detection protection, foreign object detection function, overcurrent protection, and overvoltage protection function ●A wireless charger that can charge your iPhone/smartphone that supports wireless charging just by placing it there. ●Officially certified product according to the wireless charging standard "Qi". ●Equipped with Qi coil detection sensor. Just place your wireless charging (Qi) compatible smartphone and the upper and lower arms will automatically hold it. ●Arm release button located on the front and easy to press. ●Built-in capacitor. The arm can be electrically opened and closed several times even when the engine is off. ●Compatible with notebook type case and hard type case. Hold firmly and charge. ●Supports fast charging up to 10W. (Quick charging requires a compatible device and a Quick Charge 2.0 or higher charger.) ●Equipped with an LED that shows the power status. (Lights blue: When power is on/charging/Flashing blue: When abnormality occurs) ●Direction can be adjusted even after installation. (Moves 360° horizontally.) ●Equipped with a head-up/flip-down mechanism that is linked to engine ON/OFF. ●When energized, the angle of the wireless charging part can be adjusted manually. (Maximum angle 80°) *Depending on the weight of your smartphone, it may fall over due to its own weight. ●Comes with USB power cable. *Please do not use for anything other than this product. ●With safety and security protection function. Overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overheating protection, foreign object detection. *USB power supply not included. Requires a USB power source rated 5V2A or Quick Charge 2.0 or higher. If you use a USB power source that is below the rating, it may take longer to charge. *If the smartphone case is extremely thick, or if the notebook type case is folded back, charging and automatic opening and closing may not be possible. *Charging may not be possible depending on the material and thickness of the smartphone case. *Charging will not be possible if a metal plate is sandwiched between the device and the case. *Smartphone cases with metal plates, plated plastic, or metal fibers cannot be charged.

Manufacturer: ‎Kashimura
Brand: ‎Kashimura
Model name: ‎QI compatible smartphone
Package size: ‎18.2 x 12 x 5.7 cm; 200 g< br>Product model number: ‎NKW-35
Special notes: ‎Adjustable angle, rechargeable
Color: ‎Blue
Certification: ‎6 months manufacturer warranty
Product weight: ‎200 g
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