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Campe Hapio Paint, Water-based, Glossy, For Roofs, Infrared Reflective, Thermal Barrier Paint, Ultraviolet Rays, Quick Drying, Water-Based Silicone for Heat Barrier Roofs, New Cream, 7K, Made in Japan, 00377655033070

Campe Hapio Paint, Water-based, Glossy, For Roofs, Infrared Reflective, Thermal Barrier Paint, Ultraviolet Rays, Quick Drying, Water-Based Silicone for Heat Barrier Roofs, New Cream, 7K, Made in Japan, 00377655033070

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Country of manufacture: Japan Special heat shielding pigments and infrared reflective pigments reflect infrared rays, reducing the rise in roof surface temperature compared to conventional paints of the same color. It also has the effect of suppressing the rise in indoor temperature, so you can expect power and energy savings. The double block effect of a combination of heat shielding pigments and highly durable acrylic and silicone resin protects buildings from external enemies such as ultraviolet rays, exhaust gas, snow, and acid rain, and maintains its texture and luster for a long time. A water-based type that has little odor, dries quickly, and is easy to use. *Once dry, it will not wash away due to rain or water. Contains anti-mold agent to protect from mold growth. Applications: Slate tiles, new tiles (Color Best Colonial, etc.), cement tiles, corrugated iron, iron parts, wooden parts Items that cannot be painted: Glazed tiles, unglazed clay tiles, glazed cement tiles, glazed concrete tiles, dry Western tiles ( Moniel tiles), single tiles, natural stone tiles, galvalume steel plates, stainless steel plates, PVC steel plates, aluminum plates, resin plates Paint type: water-based, glossy Washing thinner solution and tools: Water (dilute only when it becomes difficult to apply) Drying time: Approximately 1 hour (20℃) Approximately 2 hours (winter) When applying multiple coats, over 4 hours (20℃) Increase the number of items displayed

[Characteristics] ■ [Paint with heat shielding effect] Due to the effect of heat shielding pigment (special heat shielding pigment, infrared reflective pigment) + acrylic silicone resin (forms a coating film that is resistant to acid rain, salt damage, ultraviolet rays, exhaust gas, etc.) The ultra-high performance coating has a double block effect. *Silver black does not contain infrared reflective pigments. ■[Reduces the temperature of the upper layer of the roof by up to 18°C ​​to 4°C] Infrared reflective pigments reflect infrared rays and suppress the upper layer of the roof surface temperature by up to 18°C ​​to 4°C. (Comparison with our conventional paints) ■[Protects against damage unique to outdoor use! ]The combination of acrylic and silicone resin creates a coating film that is resistant to stains such as acid rain, salt damage, ultraviolet rays, and exhaust gas, keeping the exterior of your building beautiful. ■[Guard from deterioration due to heat! ]The heat shielding effect prevents deterioration caused by heat compared to conventional paints. ■[Excellent water resistance] Excellent water resistance and protects your roof from rainwater. ■[Easy to use paint] Quick-drying, low odor, safe and environmentally friendly water-based paint. ■[Guard from mold! ]Contains a strong anti-mold agent to prevent mold growth for a long time. ■[Good workability] Because it dries quickly, it can also be used to save time and shorten work processes. ■[To further enhance the heat shielding effect] If you use water-based silicone heat shielding roof coating (sold separately) as an undercoat, you can further increase the heat shielding effect. [Applications] ■Please do not use for other purposes. ■[Roof] Cement tiles / Slate tiles / Galvanized iron / New tiles (Color Best, Colonial, etc.) *Since paint does not adhere well to new galvanized iron tiles, leave it for about six months and then apply one of the following primer coats after the surface is no longer shiny. Apply a topcoat after applying. 1. Our product "Rust prevention series (water-based or oil-based)": Effect / Rust prevention. 2. Our product "Water-based silicone undercoat for heat shielding roofs": Effectiveness / Rust prevention and heat shielding effects are greatly improved. *When painting tiles, please use our "oil-based adhesive sealer" before using the special primer. (Newly built/new tiles are excluded.) ■[Wood/iron] Building materials/plywood, etc. [Things that cannot be painted] ■[Tiles] Glazed tiles / Unglazed clay tiles / Glazed cement tiles / Glazed concrete tiles / Dry Western tiles (Moniel tiles) / Single tiles / Natural stone tiles ■[Plate materials] Galvalume steel plates / PVC steel plates / Fluorine steel plate / copper plate, stainless steel plate / aluminum plate / resin plate *Please check the type of material before use. [Drying/recoating time] [20℃] Drying time: Approximately 1 hour Coating time: Approximately 4 hours [Winter] Drying time: Approximately 2 hours Coating time: Approximately 6 hours [Coating area (2 coats)] [0.7 [L] square meter: approx. 2.5 to 3.5 m² Tatami size: approx. 1.8 sheets [1.6L] square meter: approx. 5 to 8 m² Tatami size: approx. 4 sheets [3L] square meter: approx. 10 to 15 m² Tatami size Size: Approximately 8 sheets [7kg] square meter: Approximately 22 to 32 m² Tatami size: Approximately 16 sheets [14kg] square meter: Approximately 45 to 64 m² Tatami size: Approximately 33 sheets [Precautions when painting] ■[If there are cracks, holes, joints, etc.] Fill them with caulking material, quick-drying cement, etc., and keep them as flat as possible. *Please note that there are some caulking materials that cannot be coated with paint. ■ [Caulking in gaps between tiles] Do not use caulking or paint to fill in the gaps between tiles that overlap or butt. *Drainage may become poor and cause rain leaks. ■[Surface with suction] Surfaces with suction may be less glossy. Please reapply after drying. ■[Colors that look different] There are some colors (such as neo black) that look different after painting than the color sample, but when dry, the color will be the same as the sample. ■[Precautions when using oil-based adhesive sealers] Oil-based adhesive sealers may attack the caulking material, and the top coat may not apply properly. Please use caulking material after applying oil-based adhesive sealer. ■ [When painting hot tiles] In the summer, work as early as possible early in the morning, and paint before the roof surface gets hot from direct sunlight. The tiles will get hot and bubbles will easily form. When applying to hot roof tiles, dilute it further by about 5% with water. ■[Do not paint if the surface is painted] If the painted surface is wet or damp, drying will be delayed and may cause paint film abnormalities. 1 day after rain or when washing with water

Brand: Kanpe Hapio
Product model number: 00377655033070
Package size: 24 x 24 x 17.9 cm; 7.78 kg
Color: New cream
Wallpaper pattern Pattern: ‎Single item
Laser class: ‎Rust resistant, reflective, quick drying, stain resistant, UV resistant
Paint type: ‎Watercolor
Product weight: ‎7.78 Kilograms
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