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KANACK [KANACK Kikaku] Car audio installation kit NKK-H60D

KANACK [KANACK Kikaku] Car audio installation kit NKK-H60D

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Product images are samples.
The shape and contents vary depending on the car model and manufacturer. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

For product components and installation images, please check the "product number" in the product title from the URL below. For detailed compatibility, please see the electronic catalog at the URL below.

● Beautifully install commercially available car navigation systems and audio with BESTKIT ● This is an installation kit compatible with many car audio manufacturers. In order to ensure that it can be installed with a fitting similar to that of the genuine product, we conducted a thorough vehicle investigation and designed it specifically for each vehicle. ●Canac has a wide range of ``Car AV Installation Kits'' that make it possible to install commercially available car audio and car navigation systems into cars that have been difficult to install in the past. In addition, for those who want to improve the sound quality, customize the interior of their car, or want to make the interior more noticeable, we can customize vibration damping sheets, cables, noise reduction parts, audio board fabric, leather, etc. We also have a wide range of parts available. We will continue to maintain our commitment to sound, and will continue to develop further products in the future, such as products that further improve sound quality and amenity goods that make the inside of the car more comfortable. ●The inside of a car is a very enjoyable private space. That's why many people are particular about car audio and car navigation. However, even if you simply purchase a commercially available car audio system or car navigation system, you may not be able to connect it to your car without a ``car AV installation kit''. This is because each vehicle has its own characteristics, such as the size of the window to be installed, the shape of the surrounding area, the location of screws, and the wiring. Kanak Kikaku's car AV installation kit covers that part and is designed to mount general commercially available car audio and car navigation systems. As a leading manufacturer of installation kits that support car amenity life, Kanak Kikaku is creating the near future for increasingly complex amenities.

Manufacturer: Kanak Kikaku
Brand: Kanak Kikaku
Package size: 23.3 x 14.5 x 4 cm; 526.17 g
Product model number: NKK-H60D
br>Product weight: ‎526 g
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