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Kakudai DaReya Eye Catch Faucet Perapera 711-032-13

Kakudai DaReya Eye Catch Faucet Perapera 711-032-13

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Condition: New

Material: Bronze Mounting screw: PJ1/2 Inside the handle: Fixed top Country of origin: Japan

[Da Reya eye-catching faucet series] A faucet that will make you whisper, "Who made the faucet so smooth?" [Application] A single faucet that is thin when viewed from the front [Features] ● Normal water Like a faucet, you can turn the water counterclockwise to discharge water and turn it clockwise to stop the water ● Straight handle design that is easy to operate [Notes] *Repair parts are exclusive.

Product model number: 711-032-13
Product size: 10.5 x 13 x 6 cm; 391.99 g
Color: ‎ None
Material: Bronze
Wallpaper pattern: Flat 711-032-13
Accessories: None
Battery included: No
Product weight: 392g
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