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Jefcom Ultra 4E Checker Electric Detector with Metal Detector SEC-930CR

Jefcom Ultra 4E Checker Electric Detector with Metal Detector SEC-930CR

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Specifications: Direct voltage detection (divided voltage detection), covered voltage detection (for AC/low voltage), metal detection (with sensitivity adjustment function) With LED light: Automatically turns off after lighting for about 20 seconds Battery used: Lithium battery CR2032 (sold separately) Main unit Size/mass: 152mm x 28mm x 20mm/30g

Voltage detector with metal detection Introducing a conductive rubber voltage detection part type [Features] Direct voltage detection (divided voltage detection) Covered voltage detection (AC/low voltage) Metal detection (with sensitivity adjustment function) Sound and light detection Easy to understand - Skeleton design - Voltage detector that can check the live status of AC voltage with or without contact - Direct voltage detection (divided voltage detection): 100V, 200V voltage that can be detected by directly touching a live part such as an outlet Identification is possible - Covered voltage detection: Electricity can be detected by simply applying the voltage detection part to the cable sheath - Metal detection: Metal piping close to walls, ceilings, floors, etc., locations of boxes for switches, etc., metal reinforcing materials・With LED light: Turns on automatically after about 20 seconds ・Battery replacement indicator: Indicator flashes when battery voltage drops ・Auto power off: Power off after about 4 minutes of no operation ・Conductive rubber voltage detection part [Specifications] - Body size/mass: 152mm x 28mm x 20mm / 30g - Working voltage range (direct voltage detection/covered voltage detection) Direct voltage detection AC100V Voltage to ground (80V to 120V) Direct voltage detection AC200V Voltage to ground (160V to 600V) ) Sheathed voltage detection AC (80V to 600V) ●Metal detection Detection distance: 25mm to 30mm Target dimension: φ20mm or more ・Operation display: Buzzer sound, indicator (LED) lighting ・Dielectric strength: AC2000V for 1 minute Between voltage detection part and clip ・Battery used: Lithium battery CR2032 x 1 (battery not included. Please prepare separately) Battery life: Approximately 3 hours of continuous operation Temperature range: 0°C to 40°C

Brand: Jefcom
Product model number: SEC-930CR
Product size: 2.8 x 15.2 x 2 cm; 40 g
Accessories: None
Battery included: No
Warranty: None
Product weight: 40 g
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