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IPF 703BL Back Lamp, LED T16 Bulb, 6,500 K, 1,300 Lumens, Pack of 1, Latest High Lumen Model

IPF 703BL Back Lamp, LED T16 Bulb, 6,500 K, 1,300 Lumens, Pack of 1, Latest High Lumen Model

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Set contents: 1 LED bulb Specifications: T16 type, domestic 12V only, 7W, 6500K, 1300 lumen Titanium black body + laser engraving logo specification Equipped with ultra-high efficiency new LED, built-in constant current circuit, sudden overload Built-in protection element to avoid current problems Compatible with hybrid vehicles, idling stop vehicles, and light vehicles Compatible with vehicle inspections

1 Emphasis on instantaneous brightness: Uses 9 LEDs with 1 chip on the TOP side and 8 chips on the SIDE side using a new type of ultra-high efficiency LED, which increases the current value and provides overwhelming brightness. 2 Safety design with waste heat in mind: While supplying the necessary and sufficient current, a temperature sensor monitors the bulb and controls the temperature to prevent it from becoming excessively high. Designed to prevent deformation, dissolution, and other harmful abnormalities even when used in applications such as 3. Overwhelmingly high efficiency & energy saving: Despite low power consumption, the ultra-high efficiency LED and optimized circuit design achieve overwhelming efficiency values ​​(lm/W). This represents a high luminous flux value but little waste heat. Also contributes to energy saving. 4 Lifespan: Features 1 to 3 can reduce the load on the product, contributing to the product's lifespan. ■Compatible with hybrid vehicles, start-stop vehicles, and light vehicles ■Achieves amazing brightness, total luminous flux of 1300 lumens ■Top side has no lens + R side reflector design with emphasis on brightness, diffusion, and heat dissipation ■Built-in constant current circuit Always maintains constant brightness ■Built-in protection element to avoid sudden overcurrent problems ■Adopts temperature management function, high heat conduction, and heat dissipation material, so it can be used safely and safely even with ultra-high lumen ■Compatible with vehicle inspection* For domestic 12V vehicles only. *This product is a vehicle inspection compatible product that meets the performance requirements of safety standards, but because it emits a different color from the genuine bulb, it may be deemed non-compliant with vehicle inspection. *It cannot be installed on TC-SST (Twin Clutch Sports Shift Transmission) vehicles such as Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Also, the rear camera will not work. *It cannot be installed on imported cars (overseas manufacturer cars) because phenomena such as flashing, out-of-bulb warning displays, and non-lighting may occur.

Manufacturer: ‎IPF
Brand: ‎IPF
Model name: 703BL
Package size: ‎11.5 x 6.5 x 2.5 cm; 30 g
Product model number : 703BL
Position: Back
Number of bolts: 12 boltsCertification: No warranty
Product weight: 30 g
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