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ino la design high power suction accelerator KIT FIAT500 twin air

ino la design high power suction accelerator KIT FIAT500 twin air

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Condition: New

Brand: ASSO ino la design
Compatible models: FIAT500 Twin Air
KIT contents: FORCE-G high power absorption accelerator, silicone hose, air cleaner, accessory parts

- This is a new direct air cleaner that uses ASSO's proud new intake system, the intake speed accelerator. -Uses a specially designed aluminum die-cast lightweight suction pipe that significantly reduces resistance during air intake and achieves stress-free intake efficiency.・We also used an exposed type air cleaner that emphasizes intake efficiency.・By incorporating a hyper suction speed accelerator between the air cleaner and the suction pipe, we have achieved an increase in suction efficiency that exceeds that of conventional direct air cleaners.・By increasing the intake efficiency, the original performance of the twin air engine is brought out.・It improves not only the poor start in town, but also the stiffness when accelerating on expressways, etc., so you can enjoy a more enjoyable drive. Please experience the true power of the Twin Air engine. Precautions for use - Please install the product on the vehicle at the responsibility of the person performing the work.

Packing size: ‎51 x 20 x 19 cm; 1.54 kg
Product model number: ‎IN-30- 03
Product weight: ‎1.54 Kilograms
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