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INFIMO (Osaka Textile Materials) Two Lock Bike Cover Durable Thick Fabric Silver L Size IMA92103

INFIMO (Osaka Textile Materials) Two Lock Bike Cover Durable Thick Fabric Silver L Size IMA92103

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Thick and tough bike cover Size (total length x total height x total width): 215 x 105 x 90cm Fabric: Polyester oxford fabric (300 denier) Wind fly prevention: Rear string tie (with stopper) Lock hole: Front and rear 40mm eyelets

●Durable cover made of 300D Ox thick fabric ●Stands securely with a string tightening type from the back and stopper ●With keyhole for locking 40mm front and rear eyelets allow wire locks ●Guards against dirt, dust, etc. Protects your bike from bird droppings and cat pranks Safety Warning [Safety Warning] *Our bike cover is a general-purpose product. (This is not a car model specific item) The degree of engagement varies depending on the car model. *Specifications and dimensions of the bike cover are subject to change without notice. *Due to sewing, there may be slight differences in cover dimensions. *The size adaptation table is for reference only. If your vehicle model is not listed in the compatibility table, or if you prefer the size, please refer to the actual dimensions of the bike cover. Also, if the handlebar, front fork, swing arm, etc. have been modified, the bike cover may not be compatible. *Not compatible if optional items such as rear basket, rear box, windshield, etc. are installed. (Excluding rear box compatible models) *Please be careful not to cover wet vehicles due to rain or car washing. The adsorption of water left on the car body and the lining of the cover causes friction, which may cause scratches on the car due to small gravel or fine dirt, so be sure to thoroughly remove any water and adhering dirt or gravel from the car body. We recommend using . *Avoid using the cover during strong winds such as typhoons and storms. Doing so may cause the cover to turn over or flap, resulting in scratches or the bike falling over. Please be careful when installing it to protect your bike from flying objects at your own risk. Flapping due to the effects of wind, including strong winds, may cause peeling of the vehicle paint or scratches on the vehicle body, so please always use a center belt that prevents flapping. *A cover that gets wet in the rain will not dry quickly, so please remove it from the vehicle and dry it completely before reusing it. If the ground is still damp even after the rain has stopped, condensation may form inside the bike and damage the painted surface of the bike or cause stains on metal surfaces. Humidity may occur inside the cover due to the difference in temperature between the inside and outside of the cover, so please remove the cover regularly to ventilate the product. You can also extend the life of the cover by applying a water repellent spray after drying. [Precautions for use] *Although the surface of the fabric is coated with a water-repellent coating, it is not completely waterproof and may stain depending on the amount of rain and usage conditions. *Please note that due to the characteristics of the product, the waterproof performance of the product may deteriorate significantly due to aging depending on the environment in which it is used. *Please refrain from using it on repainted vehicles. Depending on the conditions, a chemical reaction may damage the painted surface. *This product is not flame retardant, so please be careful of fire. Also, please note that this product will melt if it comes into contact with a hot engine or muffler, etc. *This product is not compatible with vehicles equipped with windshields. Please protect the shield part in advance and install it at your own risk. *Please note that due to the flapping of the cover, very small scratches may occur on delicate parts of the bike (painted parts and resin parts).

Manufacturer: ‎Osaka Textile Materials (Oss)
Brand: ‎Osaka Textile Materials (Oss)
Model Name: ‎IMA92103
Package Size: ‎30 x 19 x 6.7 cm; 750 g
Manufacturer reference: ‎IMA92103
Color: ‎Silver
Certification: ‎Due to product defects
Product weight: ‎750 g
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