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INFIMO (Osaka Textile Materials) Half Body Cover_(Size: M) HBC-002-M

INFIMO (Osaka Textile Materials) Half Body Cover_(Size: M) HBC-002-M

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Condition: New

Material: Polyester, ABS resin, etc.

[Product name] Half body cover_M Half body cover_(Size: M) Size M: Medium-sized car (regular passenger car, wagon type, light wagon type) W147cm x L480cm Accessories: 3m rubber string, 6 resin hooks Safety warning [Precautions for use] *This product is a general-purpose product. The fit will vary depending on the car model and the presence or absence of accessories. *By protecting your vehicle from direct sunlight, wind and rain, dust, etc., the cover will inevitably deteriorate over time. If the fabric becomes brittle and begins to tear, it is at the end of its lifespan, so please buy a new one. Also, the service life will vary depending on the customer's usage environment. In general, it tends to be longer when used indoors, and shorter when used outdoors. Please note. *If the cover touches a high temperature part such as a muffler immediately after driving, it will melt. *To prevent damage, be sure to store the antenna etc. before attaching the cover. *Please note that if the car body is dirty with sand or mud, or the contact surface of the cover is dirty, it may rub and cause scratches. *If the rubber string is not long enough, use a commercially available rubber string. *Although we use waterproof cloth, it is not completely waterproof.*Continuing to keep a wet cover on may damage the paint or cause rust or mold. If it gets wet, dry it thoroughly before use. *Please refrain from using it on repainted cars. Chemical reactions may occur due to conditions such as prolonged rain or high temperature and humidity, which may damage the painted surface. *Please refrain from using this product during typhoons or strong winds to prevent danger. *We cannot be held responsible for use that differs from expectations or failure to follow the precautions. *Product specifications may change without prior notice.

Manufacturer: ‎Osaka Textile Materials (Oss)
Brand: ‎Osaka Textile Materials (Oss)
Model name: ‎HBC-002-M
Packaging size : ‎29.2 x 24.2 x 5.2 cm; 520 g
Product model number: ‎HBC-002-M
Certification: ‎3 months from time of purchase
Product weight: ‎520 g
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