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Retro Striped Shift Knob 300mm Black Line for Hino Ranger Pro MM75-13213-BK

Retro Striped Shift Knob 300mm Black Line for Hino Ranger Pro MM75-13213-BK

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Retro Striped Shift Knob 300mm Shift Knob Total Length: Approx. 300mm 8mm x 1.25mm and 10mm x 1.25mm caliber adapter included [Main Compatible Vehicles] ⇒ Diameter Size 12mm x 1.25mm ●Toyota 2t Dyna ●Daihatsu 2t Delta ●Mitsubishi Fuso 2t NEW Canter/NEW Generation Canter ●Mitsubishi Fuso 4t Full Confighter/NEW Fighter/Best One Fighter ●Mitsubishi Fuso Large Size Great/Super Great ●Hino 2t Dutro ●Hino 4t Cruising/Rising/Space Ranger/Ranger Pro ●Hino Large Size Profia/Prophia Teravi /NEW Profia ⇒ Diameter size 10mm×1.25mm●Isuzu 2t NEW Elf/Ultra Low PM Elf UD 2t Condor UD 4t Fine Condor UD Large Big Thumb UD Large Quon●Nissan 2t Atlas●Mazda 2t Titan ⇒ Diameter size 8mm× 1.25mm ●Mazda column shift vehicle ●Daihatsu column shift vehicle ●Toyota column AT vehicle/gate type AT vehicle [Compatible models] For Hino Ranger Pro only *Precautions for use *This product is molded from acrylic resin (PC material). Masu. Due to the characteristics of the material, chemical cracks may occur if it comes into contact with the following detergents or chemicals. Chemicals that are likely to cause chemical cracks Methanol, ethanol, benzene, petroleum benzine, acetone, acetic acid, gasoline kerosene, kerosene, silicone (does not include plastic silicone) Chemical cracks are cracks that occur when stress and chemicals are involved in resin. . Please refrain from using products that have chemical cracks as they are. If chemicals get on it, wipe it thoroughly with a damp cloth and dry it. Also, chemical cracks are not a product defect. Please note that we cannot accept exchanges or returns for these symptoms. *Note* *Please be sure to check the shift pattern before purchasing. ●Please note that the color tone may differ due to the shooting environment. ●This product is a third-party product imported from overseas, so processing may be required for installation. Also, since this is an overseas imported item, there may be some small scratches during transportation. ●Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any problems that occur during installation.

Manufacturer: MADMAX Brand: MADMAX Model name: MM75-13213-BK Packing size: 40.7 x 10.6 x 5.5 cm; 500 g
Product model number: MM75-13213-BK
Exterior condition: Chrome
Color: Black
Product weight: 500 g
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