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Hemi ID Planer for plastic MITSUKUNI hobby tools

Hemi ID Planer for plastic MITSUKUNI hobby tools

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Manufacturer's suggested retail price: 5,400 yen (excluding tax) "Replaceable blade type plane for plastic plane" which is a brushed-up version of the first plane for plastic plane. Comes with chamfering and sheath, so it can be used by modelers for a long time. Blade: Steel / Main body :MDF/Bolt cap/Sheath (dedicated case):MDF *Replacement blades are not included.

Hemi ID Planer for Plastic Planer MITSUKUNI Hobby Tool This is a "replaceable blade type Planer for Plastic" that was created by improving the first generation Planer for Plastic. This product was created by incorporating the opinions and requests received from end users. - Replaceable blades are now possible by producing the blades in-house (*Replacement blades are not included) - The set includes a special sheath (case) that protects the blades, and also includes a slit for smooth removal. The edges of the main body have a gentle rounded surface that makes them easier to hold.Material Blade: Steel Main body: MDF, Bolt cap sheath (special case): MDF Safety warning Read the instructions carefully and be careful when handling. please.

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