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HEAVEN'S Classic Flat Sheet Diamond Black FTR02-BK-DIA for FTR223

HEAVEN'S Classic Flat Sheet Diamond Black FTR02-BK-DIA for FTR223

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Condition: New

Color: Black Compatibility: MC34 Please refer to the precautions for use.

A flat sheet with a classic taste that completely changes the image of FTR. Two colors are available: black and brown. Three designs are available: smooth, tuck roll, and diamond cut. ■Uses injection urethane foam with different contents, making it less likely to deteriorate. The comfort of the seat is determined by the interior (urethane). ■Produced with high-quality materials The outer layer is made of high-quality leather with excellent design and durability. The seat base is molded using lightweight and sturdy reinforced FRP. ■Just the right amount of customization The look of the bike is also something you can't compromise on. Customizing the seat can completely change the look of your bike. The seat foam is thick, and we pursue not only the design but also the footing and appropriate riding position. We promise safe, secure and comfortable riding while firmly supporting the rider's load. This is a complete seat with an integrated seat base, rather than being reupholstered, so it can be installed immediately upon arrival. While paying close attention to this point, we have achieved low prices through production in our own factory. Precautions for use *Cannot be installed at the same time as the genuine side cover. For normal tanks only *Seamless tuck roll sheets are waterproofed on the sewn parts, but depending on the environment (exposed to rain, etc.) there is a possibility that the seams may seep into the seams.

Manufacturer: ‎Heavens
Brand: ‎Heavens
Model name: ‎FTR02-BK-DIA
Product size: ‎710 x 260 x 150 cm; 2 kg
>Product model number: ‎FTR02-BK-DIA
Product dimensions: Depth x Width x Height: 7.1 x 2.6 x 1.5 m
Color: ‎Black
Product weight: ‎2 Kilograms
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