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Heavens Custom Seat Cover SR400/500 Black/Tuck Roll SR-CSC-BK-C

Heavens Custom Seat Cover SR400/500 Black/Tuck Roll SR-CSC-BK-C

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Condition: New

Synthetic leather elastic sponge

By covering over the normal seat, you can upgrade the design to look like a reupholstery or an aftermarket product. I want to customize it. but I want to keep the ride comfort as it is. It can also be used to hide tears and scratches! Easily customize while maintaining the comfort of the original seat! Easy installation, just attach it to the back of the seat with Velcro. The high-quality leather is woven with a sponge material that matches the stitching pattern, resulting in a more grippy riding experience and greater comfort!

Manufacturer: ‎HEAVEN'S
Brand: ‎HEAVEN'S
Model Name: ‎Custom Seat Cover
Package Size: ‎49 x 31.6 x 7.4 cm; 520 g
Product Model Number: SR-CSC-BK-C
Color: Black/Tucked Roll
Certification: We will only take action against product defects
Product Weight: 520 g
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