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Tsuchiya Yak In-Car Supplies Car Holder Smartphone Mount Base ZE-16

Tsuchiya Yak In-Car Supplies Car Holder Smartphone Mount Base ZE-16

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Base for suction cup type holder

Solve the dissatisfaction with dashboard attachment! You can install a suction cup-mounted smartphone holder/tablet holder (hereinafter referred to as smartphone holder) in the genuine drink holder space. It is easy to install by simply inserting it into the genuine drink holder. (Soft fin structure) Comes with a suction cup on the bottom of the main body for excellent stability after installation. (Turn the bezel to lock the bottom suction) Smartphone holders with suction cups up to Φ80mm can be attached. Precautions for use: A genuine drink holder is required to install this product. Can be installed on genuine drink holders with a minimum inner diameter of Φ74~84mm, depth of 60~95mm, and a flat bottom of Φ70mm or more. Movable partition type. It cannot be installed on drink holders with special shapes such as drink spacers. It cannot be installed if it interferes with turn signal levers, shift levers, wiper levers, doors, pillars, etc. Please do not install it in a door drink holder, a pull-out drink holder, or a drink holder attached to an air conditioner outlet. Depending on the shape, size, and weight of the smartphone holder you attach, if the center of gravity is unbalanced, the hold may not be stable. In that case, please do not use the smartphone holder as the items stored in it may fall off. Cannot be installed on genuine drink holders made of leather or painted. If you attach it to the drink holder of a console with a lid, you will not be able to close the lid.

Manufacturer: Tsuchiya Yac
Brand: Tsuchiya Yac
Model name: ZE-16
Package size: 18 x 12 x 12 cm; 220 g
Product model number: ‎ZE-16
Special notes: ‎Rotatable
Product weight: ‎220 g
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