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GruppeM Stainless Steel Brake Line for BMW Vehicle Inspection Compatible (Steel) BH-3037

GruppeM Stainless Steel Brake Line for BMW Vehicle Inspection Compatible (Steel) BH-3037

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Country of Manufacture: Japan Materials: Hose: Stainless mesh Teflon hose Accessories: Vehicle inspection certificate, 1 year warranty card ● [Compatible models] BMW Z3 E36 Z3 2.2L (CN22) 01-03 Front/Rear Set

*For compatibility details, please check the [Brake Line] Matching List on the manufacturer's website.

The "GruppeM brake line system" comes with a one-year warranty, is completely bolt-on installed, and is compatible with new vehicle inspection standards. (Includes warranty and vehicle inspection certificate) Stainless steel mesh Teflon hose We have carefully selected a stainless steel mesh Teflon hose that has a history and proven track record of being used in the brake systems of aircraft and F-1 racing cars. Boasting a low expansion rate that is incomparable to genuine rubber brake hoses, it directly transmits hydraulic pressure during braking to produce reliable stopping power. Particularly when driving on circuits, rubber deteriorates significantly due to heat sag, so the disparity in performance widens even more. In order to be able to use it safely from the circuit to the street, the stainless steel mesh is coated with a sturdy PVC (plastic vinyl coat) to prevent external damage and dirt from adhering to the stainless steel mesh. Fittings Fittings are specially designed for each vehicle model. It also supports the unique shape of imported cars. Furthermore, GruppeM's unique swivel system is adopted. The rotating fitting structure greatly improves the ease of installation, further increasing work efficiency. Two types of fitting materials are available: stainless steel and carbon steel. Intermediate fixing bracket The intermediate fixing bracket uses a special metal fitting that complies with the new safety standards for installation methods (method that does not use tie wraps) in current vehicle inspections, and a special rubber grommet manufactured using a new mold. We do not use any tie wraps like we used to. . The life support sleeve fitting and stainless steel mesh hose are connected using a non-disassembly mechanical crimp method. Permanently bonded so you don't have to worry about it loosening or leaking like lace prefabricated types. Furthermore, the caulking part is covered with GruppeM's unique newly designed LSS "Life Support Sleeve" to reduce stress on the stainless mesh hose caulking part. We have dramatically improved protection and durability, making it possible to have a long life. *Product images are for illustrative purposes only.

Manufacturer: ‎GruppeM
Brand: ‎GruppeM
Model name: ‎BH-3037
Package size: ‎29.5 x 17 x 5.5 cm; 650 g
Product model number: ‎BH-3037
Color: ‎Material: Steel
Product weight: ‎650 g
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