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GRANDTOUR Accelerator Lock System EVO 22.2Φ(7/8inch) for Handle BLACK

GRANDTOUR Accelerator Lock System EVO 22.2Φ(7/8inch) for Handle BLACK

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Condition: New

Accessories: Silicone band included

●When touring or cruising long distances on the highway, it frees you from the twisted posture of your wrists and helps reduce fatigue in your wrists, shoulders, and grip strength. ●Two sizes are available to match the handlebar diameter: 22.2Φ handles, which are common in domestic cars, and 25.4Φ handles, which are common in imported cars such as Harleys. ●It has become even lighter than the previous model by having a thinner structure. This improves fingertip operability. Additionally, the vertically symmetrical structure allows for installation without worrying about orientation. Precautions for use - There are two sizes depending on the handle diameter, so please check the actual vehicle before making your selection.・Please make sure that the distance from the grip to the lever is within 6cm at the position where you will attach the main unit. If the gap is 6cm or more, please do not use it as the main body may not touch the lever and may interfere with brake operation.

Manufacturer: Grandtour
Brand: Grandtour
Model name: Accelerator lock system EVO
Package size: 16.7 x 7.6 x 1.7 cm; 20 g
Discontinued by the manufacturer: ‎No
Product weight: ‎20 g
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