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Garcon DAD Crown Circle Sticker S size [White] ST143-01 D.A.D

Garcon DAD Crown Circle Sticker S size [White] ST143-01 D.A.D

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Garcon, DAD Crown Circle Sticker A circle sticker with the very popular Crown logo placed in the center with a design that combines elegance and style. The sheet material is made of high quality material that is resistant to outdoor weather and can be used for a long time. Color: Pink glitter [ST143] S size = diameter 117mm MADE IN JAPAN

Crown circle design now available on D.A.D stickers! ■Size: SS size: φ60mm S size: φ117mm M size: φ195mm L size: φ243mm ■Color White/Gold glitter/Pink glitter MADE IN JAPAN cutting sticker (cut letters). 1. Temporarily align the sticker to the attachment point and position it. 2. Mark the location with masking tape, etc. 3. Thoroughly remove dirt and oil from the window glass around the attachment point. 4. Peel off the tape from the adhesive side of the sticker. *.Rather than peeling off half of the Rikeishi, peel it all off. 5. Spray the diluent around the application area. (The more spray liquid drips) 6. Attach the sticker to the application location. (Since you are spraying the diluted solution, you can slide it on the glass surface and position it.) 7. Determine the position and use a spatula to remove the moisture from the center outward. 8. Remove the transparent protective paper from the front. *If the sticker is attached to transparent protective paper when removing it, it will be easier to remove it if you wait for it to dry.

Manufacturer: ‎D.A.D.
Brand: ‎D.A.D.
Model name: ‎ST143-03
Package size: ‎20 x 14 x 0.1 cm; 10 g
Product model number: ‎ST143-03
Color: ‎Pink glitter
Product weight: ‎10 g
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