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Garcon DAD Dual USB Socket 4.8 (12V Only) USB Total Maximum Output 4.8A Crystal SB089-01 D.A.D

Garcon DAD Dual USB Socket 4.8 (12V Only) USB Total Maximum Output 4.8A Crystal SB089-01 D.A.D

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USB total maximum output 4.8A Swarovski® crystal color: 11 color settings USB socket: 2 socket type Blue energizing lamp Compatible with iPhone/iPad smartphones

2-port type allows you to charge 2 devices at the same time!! USB charging in the car! ■Swarovski elements: 11 colors available [Swarovski elements adopted] Around the USB terminal introduction part, there are 27 dazzling Swarovski crystals. It is decorated with elements to create a glittering sense of luxury. [Total maximum output 4.8A] Maximum output of 2.4A per USB port! Supports simultaneous charging of 2 devices such as iPhone, smartphone, tablet, etc. Very suitable for long distance drives and business use. (*)Depending on the combination, it may not be possible to charge two batteries at the same time. [Ideal charging for iPhone and smartphones] Adopts a charging method suitable for iPhone (upper USB port) and smartphone (lower USB port)! There is an Apple sensor on the AP side (upper USB port), and an Apple sensor on the AN side ( The lower USB port) has a built-in Android sensor, allowing for optimal charging. Each can use 2.4A, so even if you connect a high-output device such as an iPad to the AP side and IQOS to the AN side at the same time, both can be charged securely. [Blue energizing lamp] Uses a blue LED lamp with excellent visibility, allowing you to check the energizing status at a glance.

Manufacturer: D.A.D. Brand: D.A.D. Model name: SB089-01 Packing size: ‎14.6 x 7.4 x 6.4 cm; 80 g
Item model number: ‎SB089-01
Wattage: ‎24 W
Color: ‎01 Crystal
Item weight: ‎80 g
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