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Garcon DAD Smartphone Holder Strong Magnet Air Conditioner Mounting Type HA575-01 HA575-01

Garcon DAD Smartphone Holder Strong Magnet Air Conditioner Mounting Type HA575-01 HA575-01

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Specification 1: Dedicated clip with anti-slip rubber Specification 2: Adopts 360° rotating ball joint Specification 3: Strong magnet and non-slip silicone material Specification 4: Compatible with notebook type smartphone case

This is a convenient smartphone holder that can be held even when using a notebook type case or a hard case by using a holder body with 6 strong neodymium magnets and a large metal plate that absorbs magnetic force. Installation is easy, just clip the air conditioner fins. Adopting a ball joint, it supports a wide range of usage scenarios such as 360° rotation of the smartphone, fixation in portrait orientation, and fixation in landscape orientation. The monogram pattern and D.A.D logo are expressed three-dimensionally on the silicone part of the main body using uneven surfaces. In addition, the non-slip silicone material and uneven surface design provide even more adsorption power. If you use Qi (wireless charging), you can use it by attaching the metal plate to the bottom of your smartphone. Installation: Can be fixed using a special clip with anti-slip rubber. The included stay prevents the fin from tilting when fixed. Compatible with various types of fins: vertical fins, horizontal fins, round fins (with some exceptions). Ball joint rotates 360° and supports a wide range of smartphone orientations, both vertically and horizontally. It can be swung up, down, left and right, and the angle can be adjusted depending on the situation. Holds your smartphone with a strong magnet that resists vibrations while driving and a non-slip silicone material. Compatible with notebook-type smartphone cases Even if you are using a notebook-type case or hard case, the strong magnet will stick to it. *The models whose operation has been confirmed are iPhoneX/XR. Other models are unconfirmed as of October 2019. *The product itself does not have Qi (wireless charging) function. *Caution: Please do not operate your smartphone or this product while driving as it is dangerous.

Manufacturer: ‎D.A.D.
Brand: ‎D.A.D.
Model name: HA575-01
Package size: ‎18 x 10.3 x 5.1 cm; 120 g
Product model number: ‎HA575-01
Special notes: ‎Adjustable angle, rechargeable
Color: ‎Black
Product weight: ‎120 g
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