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Future Science Reduce the fatigue of your waist and back while driving!

Future Science Reduce the fatigue of your waist and back while driving!

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Outer material: PU/Polyester Filling material: Urethane foam/EVA Lining: Polyester Body size: Back: 60cm x 50cm Seat: 46cm x 50cm

A double cushion with back and seat set that creates a sporty interior and supports your posture while driving.Made with low-resilience urethane, with a stopper to prevent slippage. Precautions for Use - Please use a 12V water heater for 12V cars, and a 24V water heater for 24V trucks.・For 12V cars, use the cigarette lighter, and for 24V cars, use the interior lights/work lights. Please read the explanation below for the reason.・Start the engine and insert the plug. It works. *Please be especially careful when using while driving.・Please boil the water to about 80% so that it does not boil over. If you boil the water with the heater part exposed above the water surface, it will be boiling dry, so please be especially careful when using it. Even if you boil the cup or stopper with the lid still on, the steam will naturally come out. However, please take a small cup and boil it.・Dry firing is strictly prohibited. As soon as the water boils, grab the plug and pull it out. If you use it for a long time, water may boil over (please be careful). If you forget to add water and leave the heater empty, the heater will burn out and the thermal fuse will blow, making it unusable. - When the water boils, the temperature-indicating paint on the peephole turns black, and returns to its original red color when the water cools. - If you add milk and boil it, the protein will stick to the heater and cause a malfunction. *Do not boil anything other than water. - Some cars manufactured before 1989 have a 10A cigarette lighter fuse, so you may not be able to use it.・Be sure to check that the cigarette lighter's fuse is 15A or higher. Also, do not use fuses that exceed the specifications.・Please do not use two prongs from a cigarette lighter.・Please be careful as it becomes hot during use.・When washing, do not submerge the bottom of the main unit in water.・Hot water will boil in about 25 to 40 minutes. However, it varies depending on the conditions.・Continuous use will weaken the plug etc. Please be sure to use it after a while. *More than 30 minutes - When using in a 12V car, the cigarette lighter is likely to get dirty with cigarettes, which can cause power failure and overheating. Polish the contacts in the cigarette lighter hole with sandpaper until they shine.・Do not use the main unit lying on its side. Water will leak. Be sure to boil in the correct position. How to hang the pot - Insert the hanging string holder inside the window glass, hang it and boil it. Safety Warning 1. This product is used in a car, so please do not use Car Pot 700 while taking a nap in the car. 2This product does not turn off automatically. Once the water has boiled, check visually and immediately unplug the plug or socket. *The notification sticker will change from red to black. ) 3 Empty firing is strictly prohibited. Please be careful as this is extremely dangerous. *We cannot guarantee if the product is fired dry. 4. Never use the pot while driving. *Please be sure to do so when parking or taking a break. Read more

Manufacturer: Mirai Kagaku Brand: Mirai Kagaku Packing size: 58.3 x 49.3 x 8.8 cm; 465 g br>Item model number: ‎5954DX
Discontinued by the manufacturer: ‎No
Color: ‎Red
Item weight: ‎465 g
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