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Fuji Industrial Products Takumi Microfiber Roller 610 50 pieces

Fuji Industrial Products Takumi Microfiber Roller 610 50 pieces

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Condition: New

Features: Holds paint well and spits out smoothly Features: ``Non-foam type'' Can be used with confidence even with paints that tend to generate bubbles Features: ``Low scattering'' Easy to cure with less sagging or scattering Size: 6 inches 10 mm

・Structure ① Micro pocket (hollow part) Adopts a newly designed hollow structure "micro pocket". There is a lot of paint inside the roller. ② Microporous (exhalation) The unique exhalation structure "Microporous" realizes fine and uniform exhalation. This technique plays a role in finishing. ③Micro Flat (Finish) Adopts a unique surface structure "Micro Flat". The surface is loose and has no texture as much as possible. We have removed as much as possible the extra patterns and texture on the painted surface. The finish is excellent for thin film paints such as stains, which conventional microfiber rollers are not good at.

Brand: ‎Fujikougyouyouhin
Product model number: ‎Roller
Package size: ‎37 x 21.7 x 20.2 cm; 1.36 kg
Quantity: ‎50
Accessories: None
Warranty: None
Product weight: 1.36 Kilograms
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