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EK Reinforced Non-Seal Chain 428SR Steel 100L [Clip Joint]

EK Reinforced Non-Seal Chain 428SR Steel 100L [Clip Joint]

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Condition: New

Country of manufacture: Japan Materials: Size: 428 Accessories: Color: Standard Link (length): 100 links ~ 150 links Joint: SPJ (clip)

[Product Specifications]●Color: Steel●Pin length (mm): 17. Enclosed with high quality grease to prevent foreign matter from entering. The solid bushing and rollers are highly durable due to high precision cold forging and shot peening. The plate uses heat-treated alloy steel to increase strength. By protruding the bushing, lateral movement is prevented, extending the life of the seal and preventing stiffness. The inner plate holes have the effect of reducing weight, dissipating heat, and draining mud between links. The pins are caulked on all sides to improve reliability.

Manufacturer: EK
Brand: EK
Package size: 22.8 x 9.6 x 2.6 cm; 920.79 g
Product model number: 4582252840161
Color: ‎Steel
Product weight: ‎921 g
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