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EK NX Ring Seal Chain 520LM-X Steel 120L [Caulking Joint]

EK NX Ring Seal Chain 520LM-X Steel 120L [Caulking Joint]

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Compatible displacement: Can be used up to 350cc Color: Steel (iron), silver, gold Race use: Can be used in races up to 250cc such as JP250 / CBR Cup Seal shape: Latest spec "NX ring" sealed chain Features: Approximately 12% lighter than the conventional product (520SRX2), the lightest among EK products

☆☆EK520 Size NX Ring Seal Chain EK520LMX Steel Type A reliable product made in Japan manufactured at a factory in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture by Enuma Chain Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is used as a genuine product by vehicle manufacturers. This product is specially designed for 250cc vehicles, and is the lightest EK520 size product, approximately 12% lighter than conventional products. This is his ``Street/Race Seal Chain'' that can be used in races such as JP250. It uses the latest "NX ring", which is even more durable than the low-friction, long-life QX ring, has a thinner seal, and has improved chain rigidity. The chain internal plate uses EK's unique "perforated plate" technology to reduce weight. You can purchase as many links as you need, making it ideal for bikes up to ~350cc. *Special tools are required to include/install caulking joint MLJ. Please be sure to read the following regarding product handling before purchasing and using the product. *Notes* For safe use [Quality Assurance] ◎ Scope of Warranty If a problem occurs with our product and we confirm this, we will promptly deliver our product free of charge. However, the following costs are not covered by the warranty. (1) Costs required to remove and install our products from your vehicle for replacement/repair, and associated costs (sprockets, hub dampers, etc.) (2) Costs required to transport your vehicle to a repair shop Costs (3) Customers' lost profits and other expanded damage costs due to defects and repairs ◎Free warranty period Our warranty period is free of charge for one year after shipment from the factory. (There is a shipping date stamp inside the product package.) However, if the product is used without complying with the important notes and precautions listed below, the product will not be covered by the warranty. *If you wish to receive a warranty, please contact the place of purchase. Applications cannot be accepted directly. [Important] ●When additional work is done to the chain. ●If someone who does not have maintenance qualifications or equivalent knowledge and experience installs the product by themselves. (Please ask a motorcycle specialty shop to install the chain.) ●If the chain is not installed in the correct manner without using a special tool. (When cutting the chain, do not use a sander, chisel, etc.) ●If the chain size is changed (converted) or used outside the applicable displacement range. Even if you convert within the chain's usable displacement, converting to a size down from the original size will have a shorter lifespan than the conventional size. (For chain compatibility, please check our vehicle model compatibility chart before making your selection.) ●If you use a joint that is not the same size and grade as the chain. ●If acid, strong alkali, battery fluid, etc. adhere to the chain. (Please stop using it immediately and replace it with a new one.) ●If the amount of slack (deflection) in the chain is appropriate and it is not used. (Please adjust according to the values ​​listed in the vehicle's service manual.) ●If chain maintenance is not performed regularly. Be sure to use EK Chain Cleaner and EK Chain Lube for cleaning and lubrication every 500km and after driving in the rain or on rough roads. Never use volatile solvents such as kerosene or gasoline for parts cleaners, especially for sealed chains. (Products such as chain & parts cleaners can also damage the seals) ●If chloride substances such as snow melting agents are attached to the chain. ●If the product is intended for use only in Japan and taken or used overseas. [Caution] ● If the chain has rust, scratches, or twists such as sprocket misalignment caused by the above. (Replace the chain with a new one immediately) ●If the chain is used while driving and there is abnormal noise or interference with the vehicle body. (Please replace the chain with a new one after solving the cause.) ●If you use the chain without also replacing related parts such as the front sprocket, rear sprocket, and hub damper with new ones at the same time. ●When using a sprocket that has been changed from the original number of teeth to one with an extremely increased or decreased number of teeth. (The life of the chain may be shortened)

Manufacturer: Enuma Chain
Brand: EK
Model name: EK520LM-X
Package size: 26.8 x 12.9 x 3.2 cm; 1.75 kg
Color: ‎ Steel
Product weight: ‎1.75 Kilograms
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