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EFFEX Easy Fit Bar Handlebar EZ-FIT Aluminum Silver V-MAX 84-06 EBF201S

EFFEX Easy Fit Bar Handlebar EZ-FIT Aluminum Silver V-MAX 84-06 EBF201S

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Condition: New

Compatible models: V-MAX 84-06 EZ-FIT, Color: Silver, Aluminum, No switch hole processing, Weight: 570g Handle outer diameter: 22.2, Inner diameter: 14, Genuine ratio: 7mm up/7mm back Width: 690mm, height: 59mm, depth (pull): 150mm, aperture angle: 32°, standing angle: 72°

``Bolt-on handlebar specifically for vehicles'' A design based on the normal handlebar shape, with the grip part moved in parallel. The angle is the same as the normal one, so you can create a high-quality riding position without compromising your image. Brake hoses and cables do not need to be replaced. There is no switch hole machined on the handlebar. Hole drilling is required for installation. The genuine handlebar end can no longer be used. Please use EFFEX handlebar weight (inner diameter Φ14). Precautions for use: Depending on the model, the overall width may differ from the vehicle inspection certificate. Note (Disclaimer) > Please read carefully *The published photos may differ from the actual product due to changes in manufacturer specifications, etc. Please note. Read more

Manufacturer: EFFEX Brand: EFFEX Model name: EBF201S Product size: 16.4 x 69 x 7.3 cm ; 561.99 g
Product model number: ‎EBF201S
Product dimensions: Depth x Width x Height: ‎16.4 x 69 x 7.3 cm
Color: ‎Silver
Product weight: ‎562 g
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