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EFFEX Lowdown Kit 20mm Down Z800, ZX-6R PHA747D

EFFEX Lowdown Kit 20mm Down Z800, ZX-6R PHA747D

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Condition: New

Compatible models: Z800 (13-16), ZX-6R (13-17) Material: Steel (galvanized), Color: Black Link plate replacement, straight plate type

EFFEX short side stand setting available [Product number: PHS747A] [Benefits gained by lowering] The original vehicle height is designed to be sold all over the world, so it is a little high for Japanese people, and it does not have a toe attachment. You will be forced to start or stop the vehicle in dire conditions. By lowering the vehicle height a little, the EFFEX lowering kit not only gives you a better footing and a greater sense of security, but it is also effective when moving while straddling the vehicle or pushing and pulling the vehicle with your hands. You can feel it. Additionally, because the center of gravity of the vehicle is lowered, the rear of the vehicle curves in a calmer manner, resulting in a greater sense of stability while banking, improved maneuverability, and easier low-speed driving. Seat height is measured on a vertical line passing through the seat seating position. Rear height is measured on a vertical line passing through the rear axle. *Numbers may vary slightly depending on vehicle condition. Please consider it a standard. Precautions for use: By lowering the vehicle, the vehicle will tend to lean when stopped on the normal side stand. Please also install the EFFEX short side stand. Also, please do not use it on vehicles other than the compatible vehicles and model years.

Manufacturer: EFFEX Brand: EFFEX Model name: PHA747D Packing size: 21.4 x 20.9 x 1.7 cm; 403.99 g
Product model number: ‎PHA747D
Certification: ‎No warranty
Product weight: ‎404 g
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