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EFFEX Super Bar Daytona Handlebar Type-6 Steel Black Plated EBX1206SK

EFFEX Super Bar Daytona Handlebar Type-6 Steel Black Plated EBX1206SK

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Compatible models: General purpose (general purpose handlebar) EFFEX Super Bar Daytona Type-6 Material: Steel, Color (Surface treatment): Black plating Specifications: Width 670 x Height 107 x Depth (pull) 216 mm, Aperture angle 40 degrees × Standing angle 60 degrees, outer diameter Φ22.2, inner diameter Φ18

EFFEX Super Bar comes in 6 series and 30 types, allowing you to choose your style. Adopts steel material with outer diameter φ22.2 (inner diameter φ18.0). There are two types of each shape: chrome plating and black plating. A metal-like emblem that blends in with the texture of the pipe. The knurling process prevents the handlebar from shifting. It also contributes to centering during installation. [Features of Daytona] A design with a stronger aperture angle and a grip closer to you. Suitable for city runs etc. Seven size variations from Type-1 to Type-7. Precautions for use ●Since this is a general-purpose product, installation may involve drilling a switch hole or replacing the cable. ●The handlebar end is not included in the product. (Genuine handlebar ends cannot be used. EFFEX handlebar weights can be used.) ●If the replacement of the handlebars exceeds the range of ±4cm in total height and ±2cm in total width from the dimensions listed on the vehicle inspection certificate, please note Changes will be required.

Manufacturer: EFFEX Brand: EFFEX Model name: EBX1206SK Packing size: 68.2 x 26.4 x 8.3 cm; 880 g
Product model number: EBX1206SK
Color: Black plated
Product weight: 880 g
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