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[Amon Online Exclusive] Atenza/Atenza Wagon (GJ) LED Footlight Kit for Front Seats Blue EK277

[Amon Online Exclusive] Atenza/Atenza Wagon (GJ) LED Footlight Kit for Front Seats Blue EK277

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The specifications of the lens cover will be changed sequentially. (There is no change to the LED itself) Compatible models: Mazda Atenza/Atenza Wagon (GJ) [November 2012 to present] Functionality and practicality that surpass the genuine product LED light that colors various scenes No special tools required [For purchasers only] 》DIY footlight that you can work on while watching the installation video for each car model. Links with the door (links with the room lamp), the LED turns on and off gently. Links with the illumination to dim the light at night. Brightness can be adjusted in 4 levels [100%] [30%] [10%] [3%] Reproduces the same functions as genuine optional products High-brightness LED and diffuser lens reproduce brighter and softer light than the original.Coupler type allows one-touch connection by simply plugging in.More than 80 car model-specific designs Can be expanded with a variety of optional parts Increase the number of displayed items

*Caution* [Please read before purchasing] ▼Cars equipped with dealer options or third-party products with interior lighting functions, such as rear seat monitors and room lamps with air purification functions, may not function properly. Due to its nature, it cannot be installed. ▼It is not compatible with cars that are equipped with genuine LED room lamps. ▼When using LEDs other than those included in this kit, please be aware of the available power. ▼For vehicles equipped with idling stop, the LED may flicker when the engine starts after the function is activated, but this is not damage to the unit. ▼Cannot be installed on cars with autopilot function. ▼For vehicles equipped with i-stop, the "i-stop" function may temporarily stop working after installation. [Product function] ◆The footlight gradually turns on and off as the door opens and closes. (It is possible to select ON/OFF of the function gradually.) ◆The footlight lights up in conjunction with the engine start. - Comes with a brightness setting function in 2 levels (100%/30%). ◆The footlight lights up in conjunction with the small lamp ON. - Comes with a brightness setting function in 4 levels (100%, 30%, 10%, 3%). ◆Event mode - Equipped with 2 patterns (slow flashing / fast flashing) ◆Battery load reduction function (automatic turn off) - If the door is left open for more than 10 minutes, the light will turn off automatically to reduce the burden on the battery. To do.・Does not operate during event mode. -Event mode will automatically change to normal mode after up to 1 hour of continuous use. [Kit contents] LED control unit x 1, unit dedicated harness x 1, double-sided tape x 1, dedicated triple flat LED x 2, extension harness x 1, LED fixing bracket x 2, fuse power supply x 2, harness with connector x 2・Panel peeler x 1・Wiring guide x 1・Wiring band x 6 [Product specifications] ■LED control unit・For DC12V cars・Output current: 2A or less■Dedicated triple flat LED・For DC12V cars・Current consumption: 60mA /pcs/cord: 0.2sq equivalent - length 1m ■ Dedicated harness - black/white/black (thin wire): 0.2sq equivalent - length 50cm / yellow: 0.5sq equivalent - length 50cm / red: 0.5sq equivalent - length Size 50cm, black: equivalent to 0.5sq - length 1m, blue: equivalent to 0.5sq - length 50cm, orange: equivalent to 0.5sq - length 50cm Precautions for use *Use when used with bulb types other than LED footlights. Please be careful about the available power *Notes on vehicles equipped with i-stop When installing this product, it is necessary to remove the negative terminal of the battery. After installation is complete, the "i-stop" function may temporarily stop working. * Regarding restoration of the "i-stop" function After the work is completed, the "i-stop" function will be restored by driving the vehicle for a certain amount of time. *1. The time it takes to activate may vary depending on the vehicle model and condition. *2.If the battery is deteriorated or discharged, it may take some time to start operating. *3.It may take some time to operate when the outside temperature is high or low.

Manufacturer: E-kurumalife
Brand: E-kurumalife
Model name: ek277
Package size: 31.6 x 16.8 x 13.1 cm; 555.99 g
Item model number: ‎ek277
Position: ‎Medium
Color: ‎Blue
Certification: ‎6 months warranty after purchase
Item weight: ‎556 g
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