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Shinwa Sokutei Double Scriber Log Woodcutter 77590

Shinwa Sokutei Double Scriber Log Woodcutter 77590

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Product size (mm): 250mm x 65mm x 75mm Product weight (g): 330g Package size (mm): 370mm x 137mm x 50mm Package weight (g): 490g Specifications: Level sensitivity: 0.5mm/m= ±0.0286° Level accuracy: ±2.5mm/m = within ±0.1432° Material: Body: Iron + chrome plating Level: ABS resin Note: *Lines drawn with a scribe pencil will not disappear if exposed to moisture.

●A marking compass that is indispensable when assembling a log house. ●Can be used as a double scriber by simply replacing the needle with a scribe ink pencil. Replacement is easy. ●A level is attached to the front with less parallax to make it easier to check when scribing. ● Lines drawn with a scribe ink pencil are black when dry and can be erased with an eraser. When exposed to moisture, it turns into blue ink and becomes indelible. ●You can easily make fine adjustments even after fixing the scribe width. ●Comes with one scribe ink pencil. ●Can be used to copy unevenness of timber when assembling a log house. ●[Specifications]●Body size 250×55×70mm●Product mass 350g●Material Body: Stainless steel Level: ABS resin●Level Sensitivity: 0.5mm/m=0.0286° Accuracy: ±2.5mm/m=within ±0.1432° ● Easy to fine-tune ● Easy to fine-tune even after fixing the scribe width

Brand: ‎Shinwa Sokutei
Product model number: ‎77590
Product size: 25 x 6.5 x 7.5 cm; 330 g
Material: ABS
Laser class: Double scriberBatteries included: No
Product weight: 330 g
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