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Doppelganger Touring Half Cover, Easy to Put On and Take Off, Portable Compact, Pannier Compatible, For Camping Touring, Storage Bag with Daisy Chain DCC526-KH

Doppelganger Touring Half Cover, Easy to Put On and Take Off, Portable Compact, Pannier Compatible, For Camping Touring, Storage Bag with Daisy Chain DCC526-KH

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Size: W215 x L(D)90 x H88cm, Rear part of cover: L(D)70 x H42cm Storage size: W10 x L(D)10 x H30cm, Weight: 440g, Material: Polyester Product features: Half for camping touring cover. It is compact in size for portability and comes with a zippered storage bag that is easy to put in and take out. A daisy chain is arranged to accommodate a variety of packing options. Wide rear design for use on vehicles equipped with panniers. Asymmetrical design that can cover the front fender and allows for installation with the handlebars locked. Fixed buckle, ventilation, extension belt, size adjuster, 3 hang loops, and hidden pocket for storing small items. Compatible models: HONDA/ CBR250RR (length 2,065mm, width 725mm, height 1,095mm), DUCATI/ SCRAMBLER (length 2,100mm, width 855mm, height 1,150mm), KAWASAKI/ ZX10RR (length 2,085mm, width 740mm, height 1,145mm) Please check the manufacturer's website for product details and latest information. Specifications may change without notice for product improvement purposes. We carry out meticulous quality control on our products, but in the unlikely event that the product is defective or missing parts, please contact the manufacturer's support desk listed in the instruction manual. Increase the number of displayed items

Temporary protection is not enough. A half cover for camping touring that incorporates trends in outdoor gear and makes your bike look great. A half-type bike cover that protects your bike from sudden rain that you may encounter while touring or from dew condensation at the campsite. It has the same functionality as the bike cover you normally use, and has added functionality and design that are suitable for touring and use at camp sites. This touring half cover is recommended for camping touring riders with portability and lightness in mind. A half cover for camping touring that incorporates the functions and trends of outdoor gear. "Camp touring" involves camping with luggage loaded on a motorcycle. Not only does it serve as temporary protection when parking your bike overnight at a campsite. This motorcycle half cover is specially designed for use in camping touring situations, incorporating trends in outdoor gear, the look when the cover is attached, and the functionality required under the campsite environment. A special cylindrical cover that resembles the storage state of a sleeping bag. A zipper is provided at the entrance, the storage bag can be expanded wide, and the cover is designed to be easily stored. Comes with a daisy chain that makes it easy to secure it to your bike.A daisy chain is placed on the side that allows you to pack it using a fixing strap. You can also carry a wet half-cover without putting it in a bag. Compatible with vehicles equipped with panniers The shape of the rear part of the cover is designed to be wide, considering the use of vehicles equipped with panniers. The protection range extends to the front fender. The shape and size of a typical half cover have been revised to create a longer design that can cover the front fender. Three-dimensional design with consideration for installation when the handlebars are locked.Since the handlebars are locked when the bike is parked, the asymmetric design is designed with the premise that the cover can be placed over the handlebars when the handlebars are locked.

Product model number: ‎DCC526-KH
Color: ‎Storm Khaki (Khaki)
Material: ‎Polyester
Battery included or built-in: ‎No
Style: ‎ Bicycle cover
Package size: 29.8 x 12.1 x 10.4 cm; 420 g
Suitable for: Adults
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