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[Domestic regular product] GriffinTechnology iTrip Auto GRI-IP-000055

[Domestic regular product] GriffinTechnology iTrip Auto GRI-IP-000055

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Condition: New

Genre: Transmitter, Compatible manufacturer: Apple, Type: Third party

iTrip Auto is an all-in-one in-vehicle solution equipped with an FM transmitter that allows you to enjoy iPod music by wirelessly transmitting it to FM radio, and a car charger that allows you to charge the battery from your car's cigarette lighter socket. solution. You can always charge the battery while listening to music through the car's speakers, so even if you remove the iPod, you can immediately enjoy the portable sound of your iPod on the go. iTrip Auto has a compact body design and a long cable that is easy to handle, so it can be used comfortably even when the iPod is placed on the dashboard or when operating the iPod from the passenger seat. Frequency setting with one button The transmitter part has a large LCD that allows you to easily change the frequency in 0.1MHz increments and make various settings while looking at the LCD screen. Of course, the LCD has a backlight, so you can comfortably operate it even in the dark, such as when driving at night. Equipped with two modes iTrip Auto, like series products such as iTrip 3 and iTrip nano, can be changed to LX mode (stereo: normal music) and DX mode (monaural: for podcasting and voice memos). By setting the settings according to the type of sound being played, you can enjoy music with the optimal sound quality. iTrip Auto also has a frequency band change mode that can be used not only in Japan, but also in the United States and Europe.

Brand name: ‎Griffin Technology
Manufacturer: ‎Griffin Technology
Product model number: ‎GRI-IP-000055
Connection method: ‎USB
Size: ‎One Size
Packing size: ‎19.8 x 13.6 x 3.6 cm; 99.79 g
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