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Denso Ten Eclipse Backup Camera, BEC113

Denso Ten Eclipse Backup Camera, BEC113

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External dimensions (camera body): (width) 23 x (height) 23 x (depth) 27 mm (excluding protrusions) / Mass: 200 g (including cord) Camera cord length: 9.0 m (camera to relay connector: 5m, relay connector to connection connector: 4m) Power consumption: 100mA (MAX) / Current voltage: DC5.5 to 16V TV format: NTSC compliant Camera angle of view (horizontal/vertical): 135°/110° Number of pixels (total pixels Number): Approximately 310,000 pixels (approximately 350,000 pixels) Image sensor: 1/4 inch color CMOS Please check the compatible navigation table on the manufacturer page.

BEC113 Back eye camera for ECLIPSE ●Image sensor 1/4 inch color CMOS ●Number of pixels approx. 310,000 pixels ●Camera angle of view approx. 135°/110° ●Current voltage DC5.7V~8.4V ●Power consumption 100mA (Max) ●Camera cord length 9.0m (Camera~Relay connector: 5m, Relay connector~Connector: 4m) ●External dimensions W23mm x H23mm x D27mm Note (Disclaimer) > Please be sure to read *Regarding product details and compatibility information, etc. Please be sure to check the latest information on each manufacturer's website before ordering.

Screen size (inch): ‎0.25 inches
Compatible models: ‎Car navigation
Batteries included: ‎No
Battery usage: ‎No
Brand name: ‎ ECLIPSE
Manufacturer: ECLIPSE
Product model number: BEC113
Accessories: Camera kit
Package size: 30 x 17.5 x 5.5 cm; 358.34 g
Product weight: ‎358 g
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