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Daytona Motorcycle Reinforced Clutch Kit FCC APE50 47910

Daytona Motorcycle Reinforced Clutch Kit FCC APE50 47910

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Condition: New

Material/Material: ●Clutch plate material: SPC (iron) ●Surface treatment: GSN

●``FCC paper type'' has already proven its performance under harsh conditions such as downshifting, clutch engagement, and half-clutching during circuit driving. ●Kevlar R-containing paper provides a cork-type clutch feel and approximately 3 times more durability. The reinforced spring has a spring rate specific to the vehicle model that provides reliable power transmission. The engine's big power is reliably and directly transmitted to the road surface. ●APE version comes with a heat-treated clutch plate. Achieves outstanding slip resistance and durability. ●Spring free length = 37mm.

Manufacturer: Daytona Brand: Daytona Packing size: 29.4 x 18.2 x 3.6 cm; 320 g Product model number: 47910
Product weight: ‎320 g
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