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Daytona Multi-mount bar FE SWISH ('18-'19) <DV12B> 99245

Daytona Multi-mount bar FE SWISH ('18-'19) <DV12B> 99245

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Condition: New

SWISH ('18-'19) ●Pipe section, stay: Steel black coating ●Mirror adapter section: Steel black coating

A simple model is now available in the multi-mount bar series that comes with a stay that can be easily installed with bolt-on. The basic function of being able to mount various items on a φ22.2 pipe remains the same, and it uses a black body and stay that does not make its presence known. Precautions for use *Cannot be installed if the master cylinder, rear brake holder, etc. are replaced with external products. *If you use the mirror screw conversion adapter to replace an aftermarket mirror, it will be installed in combination with the mirror mount extension adapter that comes with the kit, and you will need to deal with it separately. *If the handlebar is bent or the master cylinder is misaligned due to a fall, etc., installation may not be possible.

Manufacturer: Daytona
Brand: Daytona
Model name: 99245
Package size: 27 x 13 x 3 cm; 580 g
Item model number: 99245
Special notes: ‎Rechargeable
Color: ‎Black
Item weight: ‎580 g
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