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Daytona Handguard PolisPort [EVOLUTION INTEGRAL] Black 91726

Daytona Handguard PolisPort [EVOLUTION INTEGRAL] Black 91726

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Condition: New

Compatibility: 22.2mm handle (inner diameter 13~18mm) + end-through type grip

●Are hand guards only for off-road vehicles?A general-purpose hand guard that protects your hands not only on off-road and enduro rides, but also when driving on public roads, and also has some windproof performance in cold weather. Unlike products that are intended to be installed on race vehicles, we have adopted a stay shape that is easy to install and avoids interference with the switch box and wiring around the steering wheel! ●[EVOLUTION INTEGRAL] has a removable spoiler as a design accent. This is the model that is. ●22.2mm handle (inner diameter φ13~18), suitable for through-type grips. ●Aluminum mounting stay included. ●Made of DGP (durable gloss polypropylene) resin. ●A Polisport logo sticker is attached. Precautions for use ●Image is for illustrative purposes only. Specifications may change due to improvements. ●Please be sure to check the latest compatibility information and specifications of the product before purchasing. ●Cannot be installed on non-penetrating type grips. ●The product is a set of left and right.

Manufacturer: Daytona Brand: Daytona Model name: 91726 Packing size: 39 x 22.4 x 9.5 cm; 471.99 g
Product model number: ‎91726
Product weight: ‎472 g
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