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Daytona Speed Limiter [Gyro X <TD02-110>/Gyro Canopy <TA03-110> ('11.5~)] 79266

Daytona Speed Limiter [Gyro X <TD02-110>/Gyro Canopy <TA03-110> ('11.5~)] 79266

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Condition: New

Compatibility: HONDA Gyro X/Gyro Canopy

●This is an effective product for dealing with accidents, which is a major issue in delivery operations. A speed limiter that prevents excessive speeding and helps you carry out your work safely. ●Limiter can be set to 40km/h or 45km/h. Control prevents sudden engine braking even when the limiter is activated, allowing smooth speed regulation. ●Apply a limiter electrically. Installation is coupler on. Precautions for use ●Genuine speedometers have display errors. The speed displayed on the meter tends to be higher than the actual limiter operating speed. The limiter operating speed of this product is actually measured.

Manufacturer: Daytona Brand: Daytona Model name: 79266 Packing size: 14.2 x 4.9 x 1.1 cm; 28 g
Product model number: 79266
Product weight: 28 g
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