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Daytona Motorcycle Mega Oil Pump TYPE2/Monkey 74670

Daytona Motorcycle Mega Oil Pump TYPE2/Monkey 74670

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●[Reference compatible models] ■Monkey (FI) ■Monkey/Gorilla (12V) ■Monkey Baja ■Monkey R/RT ■JAZZ ■Magna 50 ■Benley 50S ■Benley CL50 ■DAX50 (12V) etc.●Centrifugal clutch cannot be installed . ●You will need to prepare a drill separately and enlarge the orifice hole diameter (oil passage) in the right crankcase to 2.5mm in advance. ●Monkey/Gorilla (6V) series cannot be used because the mounting shape on the vehicle body side is different. ●Please refrain from carelessly disassembling or performing additional work on this product. The oil pump shaft will not rotate smoothly, causing serious engine trouble (not covered by warranty). Precautions for use ●Please be sure to check compatibility and specifications before purchasing

Manufacturer: ‎Daytona
Brand: ‎Daytona
Package size: ‎14.7 x 11.7 x 4.8 cm; 140.61 g
Product model number: 74670
Product weight: 141 g
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