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Daytona 24477 Motorcycle Screen Rebl 250/500 (20-21) Blast Barrier Smoke

Daytona 24477 Motorcycle Screen Rebl 250/500 (20-21) Blast Barrier Smoke

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Condition: New

●Compatible models: Rebel 250/500 (20-21) ●Screen angle adjustable in 2 levels ●Screen part: Polycarbonate (3mm) Made in Japan ●Stay part: Steel black painted

A set of blast barrier and screen mounting stay for Rebel 250/500 (20-21). It reduces the wind pressure on the rider while riding, reducing fatigue, and protects the rider from rain, snakes, and debris. Screen angle can be adjusted in 2 levels. When the genuine handle is attached, the mounting stay is a 3-point support type that can securely mount the screen. The screen mounting parts have been revised to make it easier to install. * Rebel250 S edition cannot be installed

Manufacturer: ‎Daytona
Brand: ‎Daytona
Model name: ‎Blast Barrier
Package size: ‎41.9 x 38.79 x 17.1 cm; 1.49 kg
Item model number: ‎24477
Exterior condition: ‎Black paint
Position: ‎Rear interior
Color: ‎Smoke
Certification: ‎1 from date of delivery Yearly. A statement of delivery is required. We guarantee this product only for use within Japan.
Product weight: ‎1.49 Kilograms
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