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Daytona Motorcycle Smartphone Holder Rigid Splashproof Touch Panel Compatible Smartphone Case 2 with Touch Pen Holder 18866

Daytona Motorcycle Smartphone Holder Rigid Splashproof Touch Panel Compatible Smartphone Case 2 with Touch Pen Holder 18866

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Simple drip-proof smartphone case Compatible with touch panels Compatible with thick cases such as notebook-type cases Inner case dimensions: Height 168 x Width 89 x Thickness 20 (mm) Rigid type mount for secure fixation

Smartphone case 2 gives you a sense of security while being wrapped up. Compatible with models equipped with notebook-type cases or large smartphone cases. [Touch Panel Compatible] The window part is as thin as 0.3mm, making touch operations easier. [Simple drip-proof specification] This is a simple drip-proof case using YKK zippers. *It is not completely waterproof. [Size Adjustable] With the included inner pad with holes and position adjustment sponge, you can create the optimal storage condition that matches the actual machine. *If the size matches, you can also use it with your smartphone's notebook type case or smartphone ring. [Touch Pen Holder] Comes with a holder that can store a touch pen. [Clamp to handle] Compatible with handle diameters of φ22-29mm. * It is prohibited by law to look at the screen of a smartphone, car navigation system, mobile phone, etc. or use telephone functions while driving, and it is extremely dangerous. Also, not paying attention to the road ahead may cause a serious accident. Please comply with laws and regulations and drive safely. *The case body of this product is not waterproof. Due to the structure of the product, water will seep into the case through the sewing parts of the transparent window and the zipper, so please take measures to protect your stored items from getting wet at your own risk. * Even if the dimensions are within the specified range, it may not be possible to store the product depending on the shape and specifications of the model, the protective case used, etc. Please check carefully in advance with your actual machine. * Adjustment of moving parts of the product, assembly of parts, attachment to the vehicle body, installation of the model, protective measures, etc. are all done at the user's risk.

Manufacturer: Daytona Brand: Daytona Model name: Smartphone case 2 Packing size: 22.2 x 12 x 8.5 cm; 380 g
Product model number: ‎18866
Special notes: ‎Simple splash-proof
Color: ‎Black
Certification: ‎Not covered by warranty
Product weight: ‎380 g
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