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DATAWEST Connect Navi Search with smartphone Transfer to Navi in one go! Smartphone linked Navi 2019 24V compatible One Seg DW-AD782(19) DW-AD782(19)

DATAWEST Connect Navi Search with smartphone Transfer to Navi in one go! Smartphone linked Navi 2019 24V compatible One Seg DW-AD782(19) DW-AD782(19)

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LCD: 7.0 inch Cigar Power: DC12V~24V *Built-in battery One Seg: Compatible Map: Sumitomo Electric System Solution 2019 (8GB) A system that allows you to search on your smartphone and transfer it to the navigation system in one go.

Connect Navi smartphone-linked navigation is now available! Connect Navi allows you to search on your smartphone by linking it with a dedicated app. 1Download the free dedicated app "Connect Navi" to your smartphone2Search for destinations within the app3Register destinations within the app4Simply transfer registered destinations to the portable navigation from the smartphone app!Register destinations in the car navigation system This will save you time and allow you to enjoy your drive more smoothly. You can easily search again at your destination. Even if you are eating away from your car, you can easily reset your route as long as you have a smartphone. *“Connect Navi” is a registered trademark by Data West. [Comfortable operation like a smartphone: Freely rotates horizontally and vertically] Compatible with automatic display rotation, navigation can be displayed vertically or horizontally. Please change the display orientation according to your preference. [Reasons for choosing Data West] 1. Simultaneous search of 6 routes to choose from You can search 6 routes at the same time, such as giving priority to local roads and giving priority to expressways, so you can compare them with one touch. Estimated arrival times and expressway fees are also displayed, so you can choose the route that best suits your preferences. 2.Easily edit routes with the swap button If you want to change the route mid-drive, or swap the starting point and destination on the return trip, you can easily do so with the swap button. This saves you the trouble of searching for your route from the destination location menu and resetting it, allowing you to enjoy your drive more smoothly. 3. Check the roads with recommended smooth roads Roads with less traffic congestion and relatively easy driving are displayed as recommended smooth roads on the map with a flashing blue line. Roads that are prone to traffic jams and are difficult to drive on are displayed as congested roads with flashing red lines on the map. *Note: Depending on the actual road conditions, the roads may not always be smooth or congested. 4. Customize to your specifications with various settings Turn on passenger seat mode and all operations can be performed while driving. You can also set route search conditions according to your usage and preferences, such as setting routes using ferries or smart ICs. *Caution: It is dangerous for the driver to operate the vehicle while the vehicle is moving, so please turn off the passenger seat mode, do not stare at the device, and drive safely. [Driving smartly with last point search] ``Last point search'' is a function that allows you to select the type of facility closest to your destination and set the route as the last stop before arriving at your destination. No more stress of wandering around looking for a convenience store or parking lot when you arrive at your destination. [Various guide images] Enlarged maps are displayed at guide point intersections, so you can feel safe even at complex intersections. An enlarged map is also displayed at expressway entrances, so you won't miss the timing to enter the expressway. [Guides you to the entrance of the destination point] If the guide point confirmation button is displayed, you can check the guide point, such as the parking lot or entrance of the searched point, by touching it. You can avoid problems such as arriving at your destination but not knowing the entrance or having trouble finding a parking space. [Map is easy to see and use] Maps can be enlarged or reduced from 10m to 127km.Uses a capacitive touch panel, so you can zoom in and out smoothly by pinching in and out like on a smartphone. In addition, the enlarge/reduce buttons change to semi-transparent display after a while after operation, so they do not interfere with the map display. [Full of functions other than navigation] Built-in 1Seg tuner allows you to watch 1Seg broadcasts. You can easily select the program you want to watch using EPG (Electronic Program Guide). It is also possible to record to the internal storage. *Please do not look at the TV screen while driving as it is very dangerous. *Depending on reception conditions, the image may be distorted or stopped. *It may not be possible to receive in all areas or usage environments. Wi-Fi/Bluetooth: You can also use the Internet and Bluetooth by connecting to Wi-Fi. Download your favorite apps and enjoy your ride even more. You can play music by connecting to Bluetooth-enabled speakers or earphones. You can play your favorite music, videos, and photo files stored in the internal storage. You can enjoy music even during route guidance. You can also enjoy it outside the car by connecting it to the included AC power cable. [Complete accessories] Cigar power cable (

Manufacturer: ‎DATAWEST
Model name: ‎DW-AD782(19)
Packing size: ‎22.6 x 15.6 x 9.6 cm; 270 g
Battery: ‎1 Lithium-ion battery (included)
Product model number: ‎DW-AD782(19)
Resolution: ‎800×480 (WVGA)
Color: ‎Black
Product weight: ‎270 g
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