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Data system Video input harness Harrier hybrid included (H29.6~R2.6) VHI-T61 Datasystem

Data system Video input harness Harrier hybrid included (H29.6~R2.6) VHI-T61 Datasystem

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Enjoy One Seg broadcasts, terrestrial digital broadcasts, DVDs, and video games with a genuine navigation system that does not have an external input terminal A video input harness that allows you to connect a terrestrial digital tuner, DVD player, games, etc. to the genuine navigation system Upgrading genuine navigation systems, commercially available navigation systems, and commercially available TVs Up Weight: 98 g Brand: Data System

Data System/Datasystem Video Input Harness VHI-T61 4986651201590 Compatible (Reference): [Toyota] Alphard AGH30/35/GGH30/35 T-Connect SD navigation system + JBL premium sound system February 2015 - Installation position: Connection Unit/Inside center console, Unit location/Inside center console Navigation type: SD *VHI-T61 is used by connecting to the standard VTR jack (mini pin jack). , Alphard Hybrid AYH30 T-Connect SD Navigation System + JBL Premium Sound System February 2015 - Installation location: Connection unit/inside center console, unit location/inside center console Navigation type: SD *VHI-T61 comes with a standard VTR jack (mini pin jack). Others *Image is for illustrative purposes only. Please check the manufacturer's website for details. Precautions for use ■Before purchasing, please be sure to check the manufacturer's website below for any errors in the published content and vehicle compatibility. *Please note that the published images are sample images, so the actual shape and component composition may differ. ◆Manufacturer homepage is ⇒

Manufacturer: ‎Data System
Brand: ‎Data System
Model name: ‎VHI-T61
Package size: ‎22.3 x 16.1 x 5 cm; 98 g
Product model number: ‎VHI-T61
Product weight: ‎98 g
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