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Datasystem Video Input Harness VHI-T51W Datasystem

Datasystem Video Input Harness VHI-T51W Datasystem

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Compatible models: For Toyota vehicles Upgrading genuine navigation, commercial navigation, and commercial TV.Enjoy One Seg/terrestrial digital broadcasting, DVDs, and video games with the genuine navigation without external input terminals.To watch TV/DVD while driving, purchase separately. TV-KIT or TV-NAVI KIT is required Brand: Data System

■Enjoy One Seg broadcasts, terrestrial digital broadcasts, DVDs, and video games with a genuine navigation system that does not have an external input terminal!! ■Video input harness that allows you to connect a terrestrial digital tuner, DVD player, games, etc. to the genuine navigation system. In addition to enjoying the video and audio of DVDs, if you connect a music player, you can also enjoy music through your car's speakers!! Precautions for use Precautions for use:● Connected equipment and extension pin terminal cable are not included. Please prepare separately. ● Any device can be connected as long as it has an RCA pin terminal connection. In addition, if the output terminal of the playback device such as a music player is a mini jack, a mini plug ← → pin plug conversion cable etc. is required separately. ● Only one device can be connected. Multiple devices cannot be connected at the same time. By installing our product AV Selector Auto AVS430, you can enjoy connecting 2 AV devices + rear camera or 3 AV devices to a car TV monitor that only has one video input terminal. ● It cannot be installed if the vehicle has an external input terminal for VTR. (*Excluding some car models) ● You can enjoy the video only when the vehicle is stopped. ● Audio is output from the vehicle's speakers. ● This product has been developed exclusively for passenger seats and fellow passengers. Drivers should never watch videos while driving. Not only is there a risk of a serious accident due to not paying attention to the road ahead, but it will also be considered a violation of the duty of safe driving and will be subject to punishment. ● The part number of the [video input harness] differs depending on the car model and the type of genuine navigation system. Please be sure to check the latest compatibility information. ● The volume and sound quality of the audio input using this product may differ from the source (CD/MD) played by the audio installed in the vehicle.

Manufacturer: Data System
Brand: Data System
Package size: 21.5 x 7.9 x 5 cm; 272.16 g
Product Model number: ‎VHI-T51W
Product weight: ‎272 g
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