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Datasystem HDMI connection adapter for iOS devices HDA433-A Datasystem

Datasystem HDMI connection adapter for iOS devices HDA433-A Datasystem

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Type: Converter Shape: BOX bus: Other tuners: None Compatible models: General purpose Enjoy videos and music from your smartphone on your car navigation system Can also charge your smartphone with cigarette lighter power Weight: 306 g

◆You can project the entire smartphone screen!!◆ [HDMI conversion adapter HDA433-A (iOS: for devices equipped with Apple Lightning connector)] The HDMI conversion adapter HDA433 can display digital images from devices equipped with HDMI output, such as smartphones and tablet devices. -A convenient item that allows you to convert audio to analog video and audio and display it on your car navigation system or in-vehicle monitor (mirroring output). ☆ Recommended for these people! !! ☆ ● Want to enjoy smartphone navigation apps, videos, photos, etc. on the car navigation system!! ● Want to display websites such as the Internet on the car navigation system!! ● You Tube videos on the car navigation system I want to have fun!! ■Route guidance, movie playback, and You Tube viewing are possible Connect this product to your smartphone or car navigation system to make the inside of your car more comfortable. ■Converting HDMI signals to RCA Since HDMI digital video and audio signals are converted to analog signals and output to RCA, it is possible to connect to many car navigation systems/in-vehicle monitors equipped with RCA video and audio inputs. *1 It also supports HDMI video signal resolutions of 480P/576P/720P/1080i/1080P. *2 [*1] Depending on the connected device, video source, or app, it may not be displayed correctly, or small text may blur and become difficult to read. [*2] HDMI video signal supports HDCP and HDMI1.3. 3D images are not supported. ■You can also charge your smartphone with a cigarette power source.It comes with a 2-port USB cigarette power source, so if your car is equipped with an accessory socket, you can charge it. Precautions for use ■The product number and connection method may vary depending on the type of connector installed on the device, such as a smartphone or tablet. For details, please refer to the "Connection Overview Diagram" on the data system website. ■Cannot be used with devices that do not support video output. ■This product is for 12V vehicles only. ■Some images may not be output depending on the device model or video type. ●This product is a device that converts digital signals (HDMI) to analog signals (RCA). Depending on the video source, the resolution may drop, causing the output video to become unclear or the text to be distorted, but this is not a malfunction. ●Please prepare the AV cable to connect to the car navigation system and monitor separately. ●While using this product, terrestrial digital and GPS reception sensitivity may decrease. When not using this product, please remove the power cable from the 2-port cigar power supply. ●If you use a monitor with a 4:3 screen size, the image will be compressed horizontally and displayed vertically. ●This product does not support wide identification signals. ●When displaying a map using this product, we recommend that the connected monitor be W-VGA (800 x 400) or higher. If your monitor resolution is low, the map will not display clearly. ●This product does not have a volume adjustment function.

Manufacturer: ‎Data System
Brand: ‎Data System
Model name: ‎HDA433
Package size: ‎24.5 x 15.5 x 5.2 cm; 305.99 g
Product model number: ‎HDA433-A
Special notes: ‎Universal
Color: ‎Black
Product weight: ‎306 g
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