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D.I.D 530ZVM-X-110ZB Bike Chain with Caulking Joint BK&BK (Black) X-Ring

D.I.D 530ZVM-X-110ZB Bike Chain with Caulking Joint BK&BK (Black) X-Ring

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ZVM-X series Color: BK&BK (black) Number of links: 110 Caulk joint included

A top-of-the-line drive chain exclusively for big machines that inherits MotoGP genes. This is a newly developed top-of-the-line chain for street use that incorporates MotoGP technology. D.I.D's unique technology adds long life to the high rigidity of racing chains. We have achieved direct response and threatening acceleration performance that allows you to control a big bike at will. Can be used in races, making it ideal for riders participating in event races and riding sessions. - Compatible with big bikes over 1000cc! Adopts technology used in MotoGP. Demonstrates excellent response similar to a race chain. Compatible with high power machines of 1000cc or more.・Extra long life! In addition to using D.I.D's patented X-ring, our unique design technology has achieved approximately 10% longer life than the previous model ZVM2.・Pursuing "operability" that emphasizes the rider's sensitivity! Devised a new concept DIRECT/D.I.D Response Control Technology. We have achieved a response that responds to the rider's sensibilities by creating a dedicated design for each size, as well as thorough material selection and production processes.・The ultimate chain rigidity ZVM-X has a rigidity index approximately 10% higher than the previous model ZVM2. This is the ultimate chain with the same response as a racing chain and sharp acceleration performance. A direct response will improve your time in a race and improve operability on the street. - Compatible with high-power machines If the rigidity is low, the distortion and deflection that occur in the chain during acceleration will cause a ``misalignment'' between the rider's operation and the machine's response, and this effect will become larger as the displacement increases. D.I.D uses the technology used in MotoGP to increase rigidity and achieve excellent performance compatible with high-power machines.

Manufacturer: ‎D.I.D
Brand: ‎D.I.D
Model name: ‎530ZVM-X
Package size: ‎28.8 x 11.8 x 3.4 cm; 2.54 kg
Product model number: ‎ZVM-X
Color: ‎BK&BK (black)
Certification: ‎None
Product weight: ‎2.54 Kilograms
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