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Customize Shatterproof Belt with Rubber Bike Cover 125cc Scooter etc. (XL)

Customize Shatterproof Belt with Rubber Bike Cover 125cc Scooter etc. (XL)

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Size: L (Total length 220 x Width 95 x Height 110cm) XL (Total length 245 x Width 105 x Height 125cm) Size: 2XL (Total length 265 x Width 105 x Height 125cm) 3XL (Total length 295 x Width 110) x Height 140cm) Material: 100% polyester Features: One-touch belt to prevent wind blowing, double-needle sewing for robust sewing, and specially processed polyester fabric for durability. *Please note: There is no flame retardant, melt retardant, coating or waterproof seam tape.

Shatterproof Belt with Rubber Bike Cover 50cc to 1000cc Various ●Drinking string: Adjustable band on the front prevents it from turning up due to wind, etc. ●The front and rear tire parts are made of rubber, so they fit so that the tires are well hidden! ●We are particular about the design, and the fabric is silver and black, giving it a simple appearance and improved design. ●The special material coating prevents the fabric from becoming stiff and tearing even in cold weather. ●The stitching is double stitched for solidity. ●Comes with a storage bag made of the same material as the cover. ◆How to measure vehicle size Length: Maximum distance between front and rear wheels Width: Maximum distance between steering wheel and mirrors Height: Highest point of mirrors, etc. when viewed perpendicularly from the ground ◆Size L (total length 220 x width 95 x height 110cm) 125cc class bike XL (total length 230 x width 95 x height 125cm) 125cc class bike 2XL (total length 245 x width 105 x height 125cm) 250cc class big scooter etc. 3XL (total length 265 x width 105 x height Size: 125cm) 400cc big scooter - 1000cc class ◆ How to choose the right size If you choose a cover that is 10-20cm larger than the length, width and height of the current vehicle, it will be the appropriate size, so please check the size. , please purchase.

Manufacturer: ‎Customize
Brand: ‎Customize
Packing size: 29 x 23.4 x 5.6 cm; 453.99 g
Product model number: ‎PCX
>Discontinued by the manufacturer: ‎No
Product weight: ‎454 g
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