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cretom Premium Blackout Front Shade M SA370

cretom Premium Blackout Front Shade M SA370

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A sunshade for side windows that uses 3-layer knit fabric and has excellent light blocking properties. Wide size convenient for blocking light from the left and right sides of the rear seats. Product size (W x H): 1300 x 680mm Size: General purpose size

Product introduction: A high mesh one-touch shade made by Kretom. Safety Warning [Safety Warning] *Do not use while driving. *Please do not use it for purposes other than sunshade. *Since the spring wire has a strong restoring force, please do not bring your face close to it when unfolding it. [Precautions for use] *Do not use in anything other than a car.

Manufacturer: Cretom Brand: Cretom Model name: SA-370 Packing size: 38.29 x 35.29 x 5.2 cm; 0.75 g
Product model number: ‎SA370
Color: ‎None
Certification: ‎None
Product weight: ‎0.75 g
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