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CHIC DESIGN Screen Gaira Shield S Clear CB750[RC42](04-) GS04BS

CHIC DESIGN Screen Gaira Shield S Clear CB750[RC42](04-) GS04BS

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Condition: New

Material: Polycarbonate Thickness: 3mm
Color: Clear
Material: Polycarbonate
Size: Length: Approx. 375mm x Width: Approx. 400mm
Type: S Application: CB750 [RC42](04-)

Gaira means kimono of armor, and this front fairing has a design that combines ruggedness and elegance. By setting an FRP inner stay inside the screen, it increases the rigidity of the screen and creates a unique front area. In addition, the angle adjustment mechanism developed by Schick Design allows the screen angle to be adjusted steplessly to suit driving conditions, from normal driving to high-speed driving. A windshield with a low and wide silhouette designed for city driving. ■The screen with a beautiful three-dimensional curve is made of 3mm thick polycarbonate. The screen is designed for those wearing a jet helmet, ensuring a wide field of view, allowing you to enjoy cruising while receiving just the right amount of wind. The colors are clear and smoke. It uses a 4-point fastening with a rubber mount that is stable even when driving at high speeds. Note: The installed image is an image of the color and size (type).

Manufacturer: CHIC DESIGN
Package size: 54 x 52 x 33 cm; 3.4 kg
Product Model Number: ‎GS04BS
Color: ‎Clear
Item Weight: ‎3.4 Kilograms
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